Adalid (Add-uh-lee) traveled a long journey to be where he is today. Literally. Adalid was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Just a regular kid from the suburbs who grew up listening to Hip Hop and was immersed in the urban culture regularly.

In high school, you could find him in the lunch line freestyling with his classmates. The selfish ambitions grew as he started to get recognition and respect for his lyrical talent. Adalid began recording mixtapes and distributing them in his local city hoping to land a record deal. On June 4, 2005, Adalid had an encounter with God while attending the funeral of a high school classmate. He experienced the tangible presence of God for the first time and was instantly changed forever.

Two months later, the city of New Orleans was devastated by one of the worst disasters to ever hit the United States, Hurricane Katrina. Faced with a difficult decision, he decided to relocate. He moved 700 miles from his home, family and friends. Where did God lead him? Louisville, KY where he currently resides today. In the beginning he contemplated going back to New Orleans, but he felt that this was his new home.

12 years later, Adalid is a youth pastor and travels all over the United States delivering a message of Hope and Truth through Hip Hop music, following the path that God has ordained. Equipped with a gift for creative wordplay and a passion for God, he is determined to make an impact in his generation and be a distinct voice for the culture we live in today. Adalid has successfully released 6 albums independently. In 2014, he started a music & media company called Rare Dreamers and it has since then quickly evolved into a powerful movement. A movement that encourages people to pursue their dreams and reflect the glory of God. To get connected with Adalid and become part of the team, sign up on the email list today and come dream with us!